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Who am I?

I might have a small camera obsession. And this isn't all of them.

Welcome to my website and my first blog.

First cab off the rank: I want to make it perfectly clear all photographic work on this site is for sale. A girl has got to make some money to support her camera habit after all.

Secondly: I feel I have to clear up who I am.

Jillian Doyle is the youngest daughter of a man from Piallamore and women from Tamworth NSW. I started using it as my pen name when I writing a regular column for The Northern Daily Leader newspaper in 2005, She’ll Be Right, and using it regularly as a journalist for the same paper in 2015.

I write professionally under my maiden name because every writer has to have their audience in mind as they go about their work. For me that has always been my dad.

So, when I produce something I always ask myself would he find this interesting, would he understand what I’m trying to say and would he be proud of me for doing it.

While my other name is my legal name I’m proud of my Doyle heritage and it is the name I prefer to attach to every written or visual art piece I produce.

Okay. Enough of that. Let’s move on to why I have a web site.

If you haven’t guessed by the majority of content here, I love photography.

It is my way of capturing the beautiful moments, unusual sights and fascinating things I experience.

Photography also helps to refocus our view of the everyday and is a great way to remember the good things in life.

I believe there is more good around us than bad, not out of naivety or lack of experience, because I choose to.

This is why I find it a great honour to be the person who captures good memories for others. Yes, I am taking bookings for family portraits, parties or special occasions.

The images I have uploaded here are a small selection of the thousands I have captured over the years and I would like to encourage you to let me know if you like something you see.

There is a heart symbol that appears on the full-sized images, please click it to show a little love.

All my images are copyright Jillian Doyle so please don’t screen shot or try to download them.

Instead contact me on my Facebook page, Jillian Doyle Photos Copywriting, email me using the very clever “Contact Jillian” button at the top of this page or give me a call on the number I’ve plastered all over this site for more information on how to purchase a copy or print.

That’s all until next blog.

Thanks for reading.


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