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Unique Tamworth #metoo opportunity

Tamworth film maker, Leonie Kelly,

Tamworth’s Leonie Kelly's production company, Farm Gate Productions, has joined forces with Women in Film Television (WIFT) NSW to present a unique opportunity for regional NSW residents involved, or interested, in the film or television industry.

Coordinating on set Intimacy with Annie Murtagh-Monks is a four-hour workshop for producers, directors, and actors to clarity ways to provide a supportive and creative on-set environment, and it being held this Saturday, June 15.

The workshop is a result of the recent changes to the Screen Australia code of conduct and the continued development of the #metoo movement.

Leonie said filming scenes where cast need to kiss or simulate sex can be challenging for directors, actors and crew alike and preventing sexual harassment and providing safe work environments is essential on film and television shoots.

The workshop is aimed at answering the question of how do you navigate intimate and sexual scenes in film and television shoots serving the directors vision while keeping the actors safe and without leaving them feeling in any way violated.

Saturday’s workshop participants will learn ways to assist actors perform an intimate scene through a process of establishing consensus and agreement on nudity, touching, what intimacy coverings might be required and how to choreograph an intimate scene to effectively bring the vision of the director to the scene.

Annie Murtagh-Monks, WIFT WA co-founder, casting director and acting coach received training in Perth and London from UK Intimacy Coordinator Ita O’Brien as a result of the changes to the code.

She is now presenting workshops to cover the New On-Set Intimacy Guidelines developed by Ita O’Brien, in consultation with other Intimacy Coordinators, which are being adopted by production companies in the UK, Australia and the USA.

The Tamworth workshop is being held at the Tamworth Regional Council Library Art Gallery, 4-8pm, Saturday 15 June. Cost is $66 plus BF. Tea and Coffee will be provided

Bookings can be made on line here.

For further information about the event host, head to:

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