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Good things come in small (fur) packages.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This is my favourite picture from 2020 that says everything about the year many want to forget.

The subject is the best thing to happen to me during the year and this image will serve as a reminder that even in hard times good things happen.

This little boy was as unexpected as the other events of the year as I had no intention of taking in another pet however, as it worked out, he had apparently chosen me to take care of his needs.

Yes, I am a soft touch when it comes to animals and yes, I could have discouraged him from visiting my yard but the tiny kitten, with dull fur, obviously empty tummy and massive personality that was clear from the first time he stared into my sole from a distance, stole my heart.

He greeted me when I arrived home from my essential service work and I started calling him Little One because he was and I’m creative like that.

This was at the time of the Australia wide lock-down and being out in the community for work and shopping was stressful because there was the possibly of a lurking unseen danger where ever you went.

Over a two-to-three-weeks during a time dominated by fear of the unknown he closed the gap between us and even allowed an occasional back pat as he rubbed my leg in greeting. His growing trust in me was reassuring in a world where we were all being told not to get too close to anyone and to treat any interaction with others as if either party was infected with the virus.

This little fur ball helped me retain some sanity in what had become a scary and

uncertain time and to repay him he has become part of our family.

He now goes by the name of a Star Wars all knowing character because it rhymes with “Little One” and his obvious use of The Force on me to convince me he was the pet I didn’t know I was looking for.

Please meet Obi-wan.

He isn't the only hope, he is a reminder of hope.

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