Do you know the value of social media friendship?

Every business person I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with to discuss their social media has one major question.

How do I get people to see me?

It’s not just business who feel like they are missing out. Individuals are also wondering why they aren’t seeing things on Facebook?

I’ve seen a lot of people sharing a particular post which promises to magically make all your missing friend's posts reappear in your news feed but does it work?

The sceptic in me has long doubted it, especially as it boasts to work while those posting it don’t really know if it does or it doesn’t until they have shared it.. They are told to repost and that is exactly what they do. None, I’ve seen anyway, have confirmed the magic is real and they have a busier newsfeed from copying and pasting the words. .

I’ve added this to my list of magic, voodoo and pure luck as reasons to be seen on social media and want to share a, not so, secret with you.

It’s a bit old school so I hope you are ready for it.

Are you ready?


Social media, like marketing, is about building friendships. And long-term friendships don’t just happen. They are a result of interaction and most times hard work.

We’ve all been around for a while. We know how friendships work in the real world right?

We go someplace and meet people. We find people there who are interested in the same things as us and connect with them.

The connection grows stronger as we share things with them and them with us.

We listen to each other and respond with words, actions and support.

Put simply, we take time to acknowledge each other.

Putting this into practice on social media.

All social media platforms are designed for interaction but we often fall into a busy pattern and do what we need to do and move onto the next thing.

I know I’m guilty of this as there is never enough time in the day and always something or someone demanding my attention elsewhere. Honestly, in a world increasingly reliant on web presence as a marketing tool, we need to move interaction with online potential customers up on our priority list.

After all, putting customers first isn’t a new thing.

What is new is customers aren’t walking through our door or looking at the display in our shop window. They are window shopping in a worldwide commercial estate were you have to make your virtual door and shop front stand out from the rest.

As a person who offers a social media service, I deliver the tools to make your virtual business look good and content to get them interested but my interaction with business customers is restricted to the access I’m allowed to your followers. I can manage your page but I can’t manage how you promote yourself as a friend or follower of other businesses or individuals.

You can allocate a staff member or hire someone to do your social media work but your customer friendships are exactly that – YOUR friendships. This is especially so in the case of sole traders and small business of which you are ‘the face’.

Lecture over – what’s next? (Sorry I didn’t mean to be annoying and long winded)

Go back to basic friend skills. Be there and show you care.

Much has been said about certain social media reactions attracting more attention than others and, unlike a certain repost post, it’s true.

Are you a good friend?

Look at the first friend post that pops up in your Facebook time line. Right click on the dots … in the right-hand top corner of it. You will get a drop-down box similar to this if you have been regularly interacting with this person.

Click on “Why Am I Seeing This Post”.

​There you have it.

You have acknowledged through your interaction and therefore, with the power of technology, you have been judged as interested in what this person/business has to say.

You, therefore, have been deemed worthy to see more posts from them.

Image what this would mean to your online business if your customers received your posts first because of their investment in your friendship?

​ So get out there and start paying attention to the people you call your social media friends. They could be or know someone, who will be your next customer.

​ Don’t be afraid to spread some Ha Ha, Love and Wow and positive vibes as you feel it and remember we receive what we send out.

Six ways to be a good Facebook friend

1: Engage with your friend network

2: Give back and acknowledge followers support.

3: Show the world you appreciate your customers. Acknowledge them when you can and an old fashioned thank you never goes out of style.

4: Encourage them to share how they used your business.

5: Take the time to keep track of what your customers are up to on a business profile ‘personal’ page. (I recommend two separate profiles. One to keep business business and the other to keep your private life private)

6: Encourage people to follow your page when they like your page

For more information on how Jillian Doyle can help your business keep up social media appearances email for more information.

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