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It's time for a change

As of this Monday, the 9th September 2019, Jillian Doyle Photos Copywriting will be appointment only for photography sales and photography services only.

I will continue to honor the social media and website maintenance and troubleshooting services already established however from this date I am no longer accepting new clients for these and the other services I have offered.

I will continue to monitor the free networking groups I have established, Small Business – New England North West and Tamworth Wedding Services, however this will be a monitoring service only.

Those who I have supplied images via Dropbox are asked to download these as soon as possible please as I will be downsizing my storage space in December 2019 and they will no longer be available online.

I will keep the original images off line and they will be made available to my clients on request.

Thank you to those who have actively shared and supported Jillian Doyle Photos and Copywriting but it is time for a change.

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