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A big January welcome from Tamworth NSW Australia.

Every thing is hot in Tamworth in January. The temperature, the people and the entertainment of offer.

The annual country music festival is in full swing and I've taken my camera for a walk or two in the heat so I can share what I've seen and done with you.

So far I've caught some up and coming talent with a great voice, Aaron Jurd, and made a total prat of myself taking part in the Guinness Book of Record attempt for the biggest bush dance with the wonderful band, Simply Bushed. A record was made with a final count of 521 going heal and toe in the hot midday sun. I have to thank my good mate The Country Journo for the heads up on both of these.

I've also caught up with a few friends who are working around the festival clock too. My mate Pat Burrows is feeding the masses with a kebab which two people have to put together and I think would feed a small family.

Pat Burrows at work feeding the masses

It was also good to catch up with local film maker and owner of Farm Gate Productions, Leonie Knight. Her company is currently filming festival concerts and did its first ever live streaming at the Pure Country Spectacular Show from Capitol Theater on Tuesday evening.

Leonie Knight enjoying a day off during the Tamworth festival

The street markets are very popular and a great way to get out of the heat and I found my friend Anjela Egan in the cool of one of Peel Street's arcades with the beautiful range of products African Art and Craft are making a name for. I caught her by surprise in this shot. Sorry Anjela. You still look stunning.

There is so much more to see and do however and I'm adding to my Tamworth Country Music Festival 2019 album every day. Check it out.

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